Maryland County Bans Gun Shows

Nick Iannelli
Feb 19, 2013

WASHINGTON — A decision by a Maryland county is roiling the already contentious debate over potential gun control laws.

Prince George’s County’s Department of Parks and Recreation is banning gun shows indefinitely.

“It is a temporary moratorium. We will revisit this,” says Anita Pesses with the agency’s Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. “We are taking everybody’s opinions and actions into account.”

Pesses is promising the department will re-evaluate its decision after lawmakers in D.C. and Annapolis are done debating possible gun control bills.

Full article here

Call your State Rep and tell them they will be fired if they try this.

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Yes LIVE GIRLS! And NO, not dancing on your tables. Live girls because they were armed girls who could defend themselves and their families when the needed to because they were armed and knew about Personal Protection.

Ladies of all ages need to be armed to protect themselves from any threat. Sure the police are just minutes away but you are only seconds from death or being raped and need to rely on you.

The Dr Preppers Memorial Weekend Gun Knife and Survivalist Expo is the perfect place to pick up a deal and the gun you wand and all the accessories you need as well as sign up for shooting instruction and a membership to the local; gun club or shooting range. Why run all over town shopping for the things you need when we have done the running around for you and gathered the best West Michigan and beyond has to offer.

The Exhibitors have stocked up on the latest and greatest guns and supplies on the market, including the special ladies categories. With self defense classes, target shooting, female instructors and instruction and shooting ranges and clubs to join this is your chance to customize your defense plan.

See you at the show.

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Dr Prepper’s Takes Table Registration Online.

Are you a Vendor, exhibitor or Licensed Firearms Dealer? Here is great news for you, Dr Prepper’s is taking table registration online. No more mailing and waiting. No more guess work. Just click on the Vendors link on the menu and you can register from 1 to 100 tables. You can even register for a booth if your items will not properly be displayed on a table, like a generator or large gun safe.

This will make it convenient for all dealers, brokers, manufacturers reps and private collectors to display their wares and increase their sales. Get in and Register now before we return to the regular rates. As of today we are still running our free double up upgrade.

Registration is simple and quick and by using Paypal we have made it completely secure.

Just CLICK HERE! and for instructions.

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Dr Prepper’s Announces the theme for their Gun Shows

Dr Prepper’s announces in honor of the spirit of St Valentine introduces the 2013/2014 Theme.

Personal Protection Isn’t Always Pretty!!!

Dr Prepper’s Spokesman said today that they will be unrolling several new ads designed to attract the female gun buyer at the same time drawing the usual male gun aficionado, hunters and even the survivalist/Preppers as well.

The image below is just a sample of what we are soon to be seeing all over West Michigan and soon the entire State.

Girls with guns

Dr Prepper’s marketing team feel that woman’s self protection is a largely missed niche in gun show marketing that could lead to record attendance by both exhibitors and visitors alike. The early response they claim to be having is a strong signal that they were right on the money with their market analysis.

Trends are showing this will be the biggest year in history for not only gun sales in general but in sales to woman. The smart gun dealer will be stocking up on the pink Glocks and “Hello Kitty” branded firearms for those ladies. Guys love guns ugly but not the woman they want to add their gun as a matched accessory.

Dr Preppers is looking for over 300 table to be reserved and hopes to break the 500 table mark for this power house Memorial Weekend Expo. Bring your friends and your wallet because the exhibitors are bringing the goods!

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Gun Sales Soar

Mac Slavo
Feb 7, 2013

For the last two months Americans have been lining up in unprecedented numbers at gun shops and gun shows across the country. In fact, demand has been so massive that the FBI’s background check system in a number of states crashed as a result of being overwhelmed.

In January, some 2.4 million requests were sent to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which ranks last month as the second busiest in U.S. history.

It was second only to the 2.7 million people who purchased guns in December 2012.

Even before the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last year, which prompted government officials on all levels to introduce legislation that would restrict access to semi-automatic personal defense rifles and other firearms deemed too dangerous for America’s streets, demand had been rising at a rapid pace.

In the last twelve months, over 20 million background checks have been performed by the FBI.

That amounts to a gun being purchased in America about every 1.5 seconds.

Considering that many states allow face-to-face sales and transfers of firearms without requiring a background check, we could easily be looking at 25 million or more guns having exchanged hands since this time last year.

(Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation)

This is what happens when government attempts to inject itself into the private lives of law abiding Americans.

Richard Feldman, president of the Independent Firearm Owners Association, said the explanation for the dramatic spike in moves to buy guns was self-evident. “This one’s easy. If the American population thinks that a product that they want – whether firearms or DVDs – may not be available in the near future, they will go for it.”

In this case, what appears to be sparking a degree of panic buying are the proposals emanating from the White House and a bi-partisan group of US senators to ban a range of military-style assault weapons including the kind of AR-15 used by the Newtown shooter to wreak carnage at Sandy Hook elementary school. senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, has proposed reinstating the 1994 assault weapons ban that lapsed in 2004 with stronger wording that would take 158 specific models of semi-automatic assault rifles, shotguns and pistols off the market.

Of the top 10 entries, all but two have been recorded on or since the day of the Newtown shooting.

Via: Raw Story

The President and Vice President have made it a point to pursue a policy of disarmament, even though Joe Biden was recently caught without his teleprompter suggesting that legislation to restrict access to semi-automatic rifles and other guns would essentially do nothing to curb gun violence:

Via The Daily Sheeple

Nothing we’re going to do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring gun deaths down to a thousand a year from what it is now.

Americans have sent a clear message to Washington D.C. and legislators in their state Capitols.

We are not sheep that will follow your commands blindly.

We will not allow you to disarm us, to restrict our access, or to make us criminals.

Our right to bear arms is unalienable.

It’s as simple as that.

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Women and Guns: Hype vs Reality

You know all those stories about how women are ‘the fastest-growing group of new gun owners’? Well, we took a closer look.
Written by Angilee Shah

Pro-gun organizations and retailers have been hailing the rise of women gun owners for years and the mass media has not been far behind. Reports about women with guns and stores that are seeing a rise female customers have been circulating newspapers since the 1980s. Today’s “pink pistols” are reminiscent of the Ladysmith handguns of 30 years ago.

But is it true? Are women really a fast-growing group of new gun owners?

The National Rifle Association, whose annual convention begins on Thursday in St. Louis, says yes. “Women are increasingly coming into gun ownership,” says NRA spokesperson Stephanie Samford.

Samford points to anecdotal evidence. The group’s “Women on Target” instructional shooting clinic started in 2000 with 500 participants in one- and two-day events. By 2011, the program grew to include over 9,500 participants, she says. She also cites gun manufacturers’ efforts to cater more to female shooters with firearms that have less recoil, guns for hunting that suit smaller frames and, of course, pink handguns.

But the NRA does not keep statistics on women and gun ownership. They do not have hard data to back up the claim that more women in America are actually becoming gun owners.


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‘Chicks with Guns’: Some 15 million US women pack heat

Photographer Lindsay McCrum explores unexpected aspects of gun ownership in new book

Image: Alexandra Knight with son Truett and gun
Lindsay McCrum

This photograph of Alexandra Knight with her son, Truett, appears in the book “Chicks with Guns.” “I’m so eager to teach my boys everything I know,” the Houston mom writes in the book. “Knowing that one day they will be teaching their boys or girls the same thing with the same gun makes me smile.”

By Laura T. Coffey Pop quiz: Name one accessory that grandmothers, moms, girls, wealthy socialites, middle-class females and low-income women might be likely to own — and cherish — all across America.

If you answered “a gun,” you’d be correct.

Based on polling research and gun-sale statistics, an estimated 15 million to 20 million women in the United States own their own firearms. Dozens of those heat-packing women are documented in “Chicks with Guns,” a new book by photographer Lindsay McCrum that is sure to challenge almost anyone’s assumptions about gun ownership.

“Their numbers are really high but their profile is actually really low,” said McCrum, who spent three and a half years capturing artistic and arresting portraits of women with their weapons of choice.

“I was so surprised by the variety and breadth and diversity of these women,” McCrum said. “There are so many stereotypes about guns, mostly derived from popular culture, but the reality is so much more complex and varied than you can imagine.”

Image: "Chicks with Guns" book cover

The Vendome Press

Greta, the young woman pictured on the cover of “Chicks with Guns,” received her first gun as an infant and completed a hunter’s safety course to earn her lifetime hunting license before her 10th birthday.

“Chicks with Guns” reveals just how true that is. The book features nearly 80 portraits and captions in which women describe the role of guns in their lives in their own words. It quickly becomes apparent that rich women, poor women, young women, old women, athletic women, sedentary women and a fair number of confident girls possess guns for reasons that are peculiarly their own.

“I learned two main lessons while working on this book,” said McCrum, who divides her time between New York City and California when she isn’t traveling for work. “One is that on the subject of guns, nobody is neutral. And the other is that when you get outside of the blue-state cities, everybody has a gun.”



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