Dr Prepper’s Announces the theme for their Gun Shows

Dr Prepper’s announces in honor of the spirit of St Valentine introduces the 2013/2014 Theme.

Personal Protection Isn’t Always Pretty!!!

Dr Prepper’s Spokesman said today that they will be unrolling several new ads designed to attract the female gun buyer at the same time drawing the usual male gun aficionado, hunters and even the survivalist/Preppers as well.

The image below is just a sample of what we are soon to be seeing all over West Michigan and soon the entire State.

Girls with guns

Dr Prepper’s marketing team feel that woman’s self protection is a largely missed niche in gun show marketing that could lead to record attendance by both exhibitors and visitors alike. The early response they claim to be having is a strong signal that they were right on the money with their market analysis.

Trends are showing this will be the biggest year in history for not only gun sales in general but in sales to woman. The smart gun dealer will be stocking up on the pink Glocks and “Hello Kitty” branded firearms for those ladies. Guys love guns ugly but not the woman they want to add their gun as a matched accessory.

Dr Preppers is looking for over 300 table to be reserved and hopes to break the 500 table mark for this power house Memorial Weekend Expo. Bring your friends and your wallet because the exhibitors are bringing the goods!

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