Yes LIVE GIRLS! And NO, not dancing on your tables. Live girls because they were armed girls who could defend themselves and their families when the needed to because they were armed and knew about Personal Protection.

Ladies of all ages need to be armed to protect themselves from any threat. Sure the police are just minutes away but you are only seconds from death or being raped and need to rely on you.

The Dr Preppers Memorial Weekend Gun Knife and Survivalist Expo is the perfect place to pick up a deal and the gun you wand and all the accessories you need as well as sign up for shooting instruction and a membership to the local; gun club or shooting range. Why run all over town shopping for the things you need when we have done the running around for you and gathered the best West Michigan and beyond has to offer.

The Exhibitors have stocked up on the latest and greatest guns and supplies on the market, including the special ladies categories. With self defense classes, target shooting, female instructors and instruction and shooting ranges and clubs to join this is your chance to customize your defense plan.

See you at the show.

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