Are you a distributor, dealer or Licensed Fire Arms Broker?

Do you sell Ammo or reloading supplies?

Do you sell Hunting and Archery Supplies?

Do you Distribute Clothing, footwear or other apparel?

Are you a manufacturer of hunting and camping or survival gear or supplies?

Does your company book, arrange or provide hunting trips, tours or travel services?

Are you manufacturers or distributors or Storeable food, water purification or emergency power sources?

We are currently looking to fill our event with quality merchants, vendors and outfitters who wish to sell or market in a high traffic, high visibility location. If this is something your company or business would like to add to your marketing program contact us for specific details. Please use the online Registration


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Dealer Order FormOur commitment to you and each of our exhibitors remains unchanged… an intensive multi-media advertising campaign guaranteed to bring thousands of buyers to your tables!

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Dr. Prepper’s Gun, Knife & Survivalist Expos are Creating Marketing & Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Gun, Knife and Survival dealers, distributors and suppliers.
Got an idea for a product or service in the Gun, Knife or Survivalist market that you think will sell? For less than a hundred dollars you can rent a table at Dr. Prepper’s Gun, Knife & Survivalist Expo and show your products to several thousand prospective customers.

There is simply no easier or less expensive way to get your product in front of so many prospective buyers. Call us at (616) 419-6637 for more information, or send us a quick email.



Our shows are table top shows and tables are in islands or PODs of ten (10), shaped like rectangles. They are not skirted or draped. They are placed end to end with a four (4) tables end to end and a one (1) table end cap then the same four (4) table, one (1) table pattern behind. Dealers are inside the rectangle and public walks around the outside. We have wall tables around the perimeter of the show as well. The wall tables have about three (3) feet behind the table.

Table layout

We have booth space as well as Tables, each Booth includes a few tables. The Booths/Tables are not draped or skirted and are a 12’x 20′ space or larger taped off on the floor. Please bring your own table coverings or exhibition Booth or display.



8″ Table $75  $55
3 – 8′ Tables $200  $150
10 – 8′ Tables $600  $500
15 x 20 Booth w/ 2 Tables $375  $300
30 x 20 Booth w/ 4 Tables $600    $500

60 x 20 Booth w/ 8 Tables

$950  $800

If you rent a full Pod (10 Tables) in January 2016, we will double your rental & give you a second Pod (10 tables) or 15 x 20 display booth for FREE! Yes! For every paid Pod Rental we will give you a second Pod or 15 x 20 display booth for FREE! But, January ONLY! So Act Now before January ends!

Plese select one
We Are Sellers Of:


More Tables or Space

Booth Electric $15.00

What your Table includes:Your Table registration and fees will include the allotted number of 8′ Banquet Style Tables in the Exhibition Area, Credentials, passes for attendees and Name badges.


What your booth includes:Your registration and fees will include the allotted space in the Exhibition Area, allotted Tables, Credentials, passes for attendees and Name badges.Your Booth space will be marked off in blue painters tape and will contain your tables and power hook up if requested. It will be up to you to separate your booth space from other vendor’s booth spaces with tables, curtain walls, exhibit display or other suitable material not to exceed 4′ tall without prior written permission.Vendors will be emailed prior to the event, their booth or table number(s) and a floor plan layout for the event.


Power is available for a small hookup fee. Please specify that power or Internet is needed when making reservation and at event registration and check in.

Internet connections will be the responsibility of the vendor.


SECURITY:We provide overnight security Friday night and Saturday night from closing time until we open the doors in the morning. Security is the exhibitor’s responsibility during setup, show hours and tear down. Small, valuable items should be displayed in glass cases for security. Handguns should be secured with a cable security system through the trigger guards.

EXHIBITOR ASSIGNMENTS AND PASSES: Table assignments will be given at check in. Two exhibitor wristbands for the first table and one for each additional table are allowed. Badges will be given to you when you check in. If you need additional badges, the cost is $15.00 each.


GUN SHOW DEALER RULES!**No loaded or holstered firearms will be allowed on the person or in the possession of any exhibitor (or their employees, etc) within the confines of any Dr. Prepper’s Gun Show. There are no exceptions to this prohibition.THE FOLLOWING RULES APPLY TO ALL VENDORS:

  • I agree to be at the show during all public show hours as published or announced by Dr. Prepper’s Gun Shows.
  • I agree to abide by all show rules set forth by Dr. Prepper’s Gun Shows.
  • I agree that Dr. Prepper’s Gun Shows or their parent company is not responsible for the loss of any merchandise or personal items by the exhibitor.
  • I agree that Dr. Prepper’s Gun Shows or their parent company is not responsible for any injury sustained or caused by the exhibitor.
  • Tables not occupied by 9am on Saturday will be resold.
  • Sub leasing of tables by dealers is not allowed.


  • Tobacco Products and No alcoholic or other food or beverages allowed that were not sold at concessions.
  • These shows are advertised as family events. Pornographic materials or items with obscene language or graphics including t-shirts, magazines, videos, bumper stickers, or other items which could be considered to be offensive to families are not permitted. NO!!! Pornographic materials, drug paraphernalia, items glorifying Nazism or other deemed items offensive to the general public.
  • No books maybe offered for sale at these shows which describe the fabrication of devices which if the device described were possessed by an individual, would constitute a felony under the laws of the United States or under the laws of the state of Michigan. No racial, ethnic, sexist or any hate mongering material of any type including material advocating the overthrow of the government or that which degrades the office of the Presidency or of the President is allowed. This also includes bumper stickers, t-shirts, magazines, videos or any material as deemed by the management of these shows as objectionable.
  • All cartridge firearms, other than those which are disassembled or those in glass display case must be checked, cleared, and secured with a cable tie by the dealer before placing them on a display table.
  • No loose ammunition. All ammunition must be in an original box, sealed container, plastic bag or comparable container or under cover of lidded show case. Please tie down all displayed guns.
  • No loaded firearms will be permitted in these shows. No personal firearms or loaded magazines or loose ammunition. Immediate rejection from these shows is the rule if you or any member of your party is found with any of these items. No dealer will be allowed to bring into the show a personal weapon. Members of the public can bring into the shows only unloaded firearms and empty clips or magazines. No loose ammunition is allowed at the shows at any time. There is no problem with police officers bringing in a loaded gun. If you’re a police officer and plan to take it out of the holster for any reason other than if necessary in your line of duty please do not bring it in loaded.
  • No flea market items, art, bumper stickers, posters, collectibles or figurines other than that which relates directly to guns, knives, prepping or hunting.
  • No black powder or more than 5 lbs. of pyrodex.
  • All military shells, grenades, bombs, etc. must be totally deactivated.
  • stamps, rocks, bottles, baseball cards, jewelry of any kind other than American Indian.
  1. All pepper spray must be bubble wrapped
  2. Smokeless powder: check with local law enforcement before each show
  3. Laser scopes may only be operated by vendors and only pointed at the ceiling.

Basic Vendor Rules

1. All handguns will be tied down or in showcases.  No unsecured handguns on tables.  No loose ammo on tables.2. All vendors must open for business when show opens. (This is when most vendors lose inventory.)

3. All vendors are responsible for disposing of all trash at the end of every show.

4. Vendors must stay for the entire show unless previously approved by, owner, Doug Carl.  No early packing.

5. No loaded firearms in show, except for police officers with badge and I.D.

6. Licensed vendors must bring a copy of your current FFL and Sales Tax if you have one.

7. Exhibitors may not sell food at their tables, unless previously approved by, owner, Roger Bouwman.  Chips, candy, pop etc. is a violation of our contract with the food vendor present.

8. Cancellations must be made by Sunday, before 8pm, preceding the reserved show date.

9. Single table vendors are allowed two badges only.  Extra badges must be purchased.